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On 1/24/14, 3:52 PM, Jaime Casanova wrote:
On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 11:25 AM, Bruce Momjian<br...@momjian.us>  wrote:

Is everyone else OK with this approach?  Updated patch attached.


I started to look at this patch and i found that it fails an assertion
as soon as you run a VACUUM FULL after a lazy VACUUM even if those are
on unrelated relations. For example in an assert-enabled build with
the regression database run:

VACUUM customer;
[... insert here whatever commands you like or nothing at all ...]

Is anyone else confused/concerned that regression testing didn't pick this up?

I wouldn't expect that to be explicitly tested - it's pretty unexpected that they work independently but not when run one after another. But it's a bit surprising that we don't happen to do that combination in any of the tests by pure chance.

The vacuum.sql test does not test lazy vacuum at all, and I can't seem to find 
any other tests that test lazy vacuum either...

There are several lazy vacuums in the regression suite:

sql/alter_table.sql:vacuum analyze atacc1(a);
sql/alter_table.sql:vacuum analyze atacc1("........pg.dropped.1........");
sql/hs_standby_disallowed.sql:VACUUM hs2;
sql/indirect_toast.sql:VACUUM FREEZE toasttest;
sql/indirect_toast.sql:VACUUM FREEZE toasttest;
sql/matview.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE hogeview;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_add;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_sub;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_div;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_mul;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_sqrt;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_ln;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_log10;
sql/numeric_big.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_power_10_ln;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_add;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_sub;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_div;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_mul;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_sqrt;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_ln;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_log10;
sql/numeric.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE num_exp_power_10_ln;
sql/without_oid.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE wi;
sql/without_oid.sql:VACUUM ANALYZE wo;

Most of those commands are there to analyze, rather than vacuum, but lazy vacuum is definitely exercised by the regression tests. I agree it's quite surprising that vacuum.sql doesn't actually perform any lazy vacuums.

- Heikki

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