From: "Andres Freund" <>
On 2014-02-18 01:35:52 +0900, MauMau wrote:
For example, please see the max latencies of test set 2 (PG 9.3) and test
set 4 (xlog scaling with padding).  They are 207.359 and 1219.422
respectively. The throughput is of course greatly improved, but I think the response time should not be sacrificed as much as possible. There are some
users who are sensitive to max latency, such as stock exchange and online

You need to compare both at the same throughput to have any meaningful

I'm sorry for my lack of understanding, but could you tell me why you think so? When the user upgrades to 9.4 and runs the same workload, he would experience vastly increased max latency --- or in other words, greater variance in response times. With my simple understanding, that sounds like a problem for response-sensitive users.


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