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> Sent: 01 October 2002 21:05
> To: Dave Page
> Subject: RE: [HACKERS] psqlODBC *nix Makefile (new 7.3 open item?)
> Dave Page writes:
> > > > majority of you!) knock up a makefile so the driver will build 
> > > > standalone on *nix systems please? There should be no
> > > dependencies on
> > > > any of the rest of the code - certainly there isn't for 
> the Win32 
> > > > build.
> > >
> > > I'm working something out.  I'll send it to you tomorrow.
> Hah.  I tried to put something together based on Automake and 
> Libtool, but I must conclude that Libtool is just completely 
> utterly broken.  I also considered copying over 
> Makefile.shlib, but that would draw in too many auxiliary 
> files and create a different kind of mess.  So what I would 
> suggest right now as the course of action is to copy your 
> local psqlodbc subtree to its old location under interfaces/ 
> and try to hook things together that way.
> Perhaps one of these days we should convert Makefile.shlib 
> into a shell script that we can deploy more easily to 
> different projects.

Thanks for trying Peter.

Are we going to get the same problems for the other bits (libpq++?) that
we've ripped out? Is anyone looking at them, or have they just been
dumped on Gborg & forgotten?

Regards, Dave.

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