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> > I havent had a look at the patch yet since I dont have a nice editor
> right
> > now, but how do you handle inter operability between datatypes?
> > Specifically, how do you handle those datatypes which have a different
> name
> > from the PostgreSQL name for them and/or are stored in a different
> manner?
> Do you mean in general, or for the postgres_fdw specifically ?
> In general, only valid column types should be accepted in the
> CreateForeignTableStmt. The CreateForeignTableStmt is passed through
> DefineRelation, which takes care of looking up the actual data types.
> For the postgres_fdw POC implementation, this is done by parsing the
> attributes type from the query result with the regtype input functions. The
> attribute typmod is injected too.

I actually meant in general. Thanks for the reply.

So please help me understand here. How exactly does CreateForeignTableStmt
help in type compatibility? A statement may be valid on a foreign server
but may not be compatible.

What am I missing here naively?





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