On 02/25/2014 06:52 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Alvaro Herrera
<alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
(Not that it's this patch' responsibility to do that.)
Definitely a different patch.

Don't you think that this would break existing applications?

I hope there are no applications relying on pageinspect. It's a very low-level tool. Or if someone has written a nice GUI around it, I'd like to hear about it so that I can start using it :-).

I see more flexibility to keep them as they are now, as integers,
users can always tune their queries to do this post-processing with
to_hex for them as they've (always?) been doing.

Agreed. With an int4, you can more easily check for a particular bit etc.

- Heikki

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