Josh Berkus <> writes:
> ... This requires larger changes to the existing patch, which likely means
> missing the bus for 9.4 (and you've seen my blog about that)

Yeah.  I realize you're gung-ho about getting jsonb into 9.4 in some
form, and I recognize that getting better JSON support is important.
But I wonder how carefully you've thought about the damage it'll do
if what ships in 9.4 is a weird, hard-to-use mishmash.  I'd much
rather see us take the time to get it right than to ship something
that's basically a kluge.  And having a core type that depends on
an extension for critical functionality is certainly nothing but a
kluge.  As an example, you're arguing that some sysadmins won't permit
installation of contrib modules.  (Let's pass over the question of
how true or sane that is.)  If they won't allow hstore to be installed,
and jsonb is crippled in consequence, where does that put us for
adoption purposes?  I'd argue that it's worse than not shipping jsonb
yet at all.

                        regards, tom lane

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