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> Fabrízio, can you clarify the use-case for things like CREATE AGGREGATE
> to have IF NOT EXISTS rather than OR REPLACE, or if there is a reason
> why both should exist?  Complicating our CREATE options is not something
> we really wish to do without good reason and we certainly don't want to
> add something now that we'll wish to remove in another version or two.

Hi Stephen,

First I'm really sorry about the long time without an answer. I'm very busy
in this start of the year.

Well I have a scenario with many servers to deploy DDL scripts, and most of
them we must run without transaction control because some tasks like CREATE

When an error occurs the script stops, but the previous commands was
commited, then we must review the script to comment parts that was already
executed and then run it again. Until now is not a really trouble, but in
some cases we must deploy another DDL script that contains a new version of
some object before we finish to fix the previous version that was in
production, and if we have CINE for all CREATE objects this task will more
easy because we just run it again without care if will replace the content
and do not produce an error.

I know that is a very specific case, but in my mind I don't see any problem
to have CINE and COR to this objects. The behavior is totally different.


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