Status Summary. Needs Review: 36, Waiting on Author: 7, Ready for
Committer: 16, Committed: 43, Returned with Feedback: 8, Rejected: 4.
Total: 114.

We're still on track to achieve about 50% committed patches, which would
be similar to the previous few commit fests.  So decent job so far.

Which brings us to important news.  The core team has agreed on a
release timeline:

- Mar 15 end commit fest
- Apr 15 feature freeze
- May 15 beta

This is similar to the last few years, so it shouldn't come as a shock
to anyone.

Let's use the remaining two weeks to give all patches in the commit fest
fair consideration and a decent review.  The time to reject or postpone
patches will inevitably come in the time between the end of the commit
fest and feature freeze.  Note that it is everyone's individual
responsibility to move their favorite patch forward.

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