On 03/01/2014 05:10 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

One other thought here: is it actually reasonable to expend a lot of effort
on the Windows case?  I'm not aware that people normally expect a Windows
box to have multiple users at all, let alone non-mutually-trusting users.

As Stephen said, it's fairly unusual. There are usually quite a few roles, but it's rare to have more than one "human" type role connected to the machine at a given time.

I'd be happy doing nothing in this case, or not very much. e.g. provide a password but not with great cryptographic strength.

BTW, a different problem with the proposed patch is that it changes
some test cases in ecpg and contrib/dblink, apparently to avoid session
reconnections.  That seems likely to me to be losing test coverage.
Perhaps there is no alternative, but I'd like to have some discussion
around that point as well.


Yeah. Assuming we make the changes you're suggesting that should no longer be necessary, right?



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