\setrandom foo 1 10 [uniform]
   \setrandom foo 1 :size gaussian 3.6
   \setrandom foo 1 100 exponential 7.2
It's good design. I think it will become more low overhead at part of parsing in pgbench, because comparison of strings will be redeced(maybe). And I'd like to remove [uniform], beacause we have to have compatibility for old scripts, and random function always gets uniform distribution in common sense of programming.

I just put "uniform" as an optional default, hence the brackets.

Otherwise, what I would have in mind if this would be designed from scratch:

  \set foo 124
  \set foo "string value" (?)
  \set foo :variable
  \set foo 12 + :shift

And then

  \set foo uniform 1 10
  \set foo gaussian 1 10 4.2
  \set foo exponential 1 100 5.2

or maybe functions could be repended with something like "&uniform".
But that would be for another life:-)

However, new grammer is little bit long in user script. It seems trade-off that are visibility of scripts and user writing cost.



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