Hi Oleg,

On 2014-03-03 19:17:12 +0400, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> Since we were concentrated on the jsonb_and_hstore branch we usually
> wait Andrew, who publish patch.  You last issues were addressed in
> both branches.

I'll try to have look sometime soon.

> We are not native-english and may not well inderstand your criticism
> well, but  please try to be a little bit polite.  We are working
> together and our common goal is to make postgres better.  Your notes
> are very important for quality of postgres, but sometimes you drive us
> ...

I am sorry if I came over as impolite. I just tried to point at things I
thought needed improvement, and imo there were quite some. A patch
needing polishing isn't something that carries shame, blame or
anything. It's just a state a patch can be in.


Andres Freund

PS: Not a native speaker either...

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