Tom Lane wrote:
> You can create as many rules as you want.  One reasonably likely
> scenario is that you have a view, you make an ON INSERT DO INSTEAD
> rule to support insertions into the view (by inserting into some
> underlying table(s) instead), and then you add some not-INSTEAD
> rules to perform logging into other tables that aren't part of the
> view but just keep track of activity.
> You'd not want the logging activity to usurp the count result for this
> setup, I think, even if it happened last.  (Indeed, that might be
> *necessary*, if for some reason it needed to access the rows inserted
> into the view's base table.)
> This approach would give us a general principle that applies in all
> cases: not-INSTEAD rules don't affect the returned command result.
> Perhaps that would answer Manfred's thought that we should be able
> to label which rules affect the result.  If you have any INSTEAD rules,
> then it doesn't matter exactly how many you have, so you can mark them
> INSTEAD or not to suit your fancy.

Oh, I like that, and rules fire alphabetically, right?

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