On 03/03/2014 11:34 AM, Christian Kruse wrote:

Attached is a patch with the updated documentation (now uses
consistently huge pages) as well as a renamed GUC, consistent wording
(always use huge pages) as well as renamed variables.

Hmm, I wonder if that could now be misunderstood to have something to do
with the PostgreSQL page size? Maybe add the word "memory" or "operating
system" in the first sentence in the docs, like this: "Enables/disables the
use of huge memory pages".

Accepted, see attached patch.

Thanks, committed!

I spotted this in section "17.4.1 Shared Memory and Semaphores":


    The default maximum segment size is 32 MB, and the default maximum total size is 
2097152 pages. A page is almost always 4096 bytes except in unusual kernel configurations 
with "huge pages" (use getconf PAGE_SIZE to verify).

It's not any more wrong now than it's always been, but I don't think huge pages ever affect PAGE_SIZE... Could I cajole you into rephrasing that, too?

- Heikki

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