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> Is the TODO item "make an unlogged table logged" [1] a good GSoC project?

Another interesting project around unlogged tables would be to make it
possible to have unlogged indexes on fully-logged tables. That is
something that there was some discussion of before, that might be

FWIW, I don't think that TODO page is a very good resource for finding
a starter project. Picking a good project is a skill in and of itself.
A lot of that stuff is aspirational, either because it's difficult,
or, more often, because it's difficult relative to the rewards, which
can be quite low. To be honest, if I have what I imagine to be a great
idea for a project, I don't put it on that page. Maybe I should, but I
don't, and I don't think that is uncommon. This is not because I'm
particularly guarded about sharing the information.

Why do you think that hash indexes still aren't WAL-logged after all
these years (a project that someone made noise about recently in
relation to GSoC), even though that's generally considered to be a

Peter Geoghegan

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