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> Pavel Stehule escribió:
> > This patch has redesigned implementation --if-exists for pg_dumpall. Now
> it
> > is not propagated to pg_dump, but used on pg_dumpall level.
> Seems sane, thanks.
> BTW after this patch, I still don't see an error-free output from
> restoring a database on top of itself.  One problem is plpgsql, which is
> now an extension, so pg_dump emits this error message:
> ERROR:  cannot drop language plpgsql because extension plpgsql requires it
> SUGERENCIA:  You can drop extension plpgsql instead.
> Another problem is that some DROP commands don't work.  For instance, if
> the public schema in the target database contains objects that haven't
> been dropped yet, the DROP command will fail:
> ERROR:  cannot drop schema public because other objects depend on it
> DETALLE:  function bt_metap(text) depends on schema public
> function bt_page_items(text,integer) depends on schema public
> function bt_page_stats(text,integer) depends on schema public
> function f() depends on schema public
> function get_raw_page(text,integer) depends on schema public
> function heap_page_items(bytea) depends on schema public
> function locate_tuple_corruption() depends on schema public
> function page_header(bytea) depends on schema public
> SUGERENCIA:  Use DROP ... CASCADE to drop the dependent objects too.
> (The way I got this was by using my 8.2 installation, on which I ran the
> regression tests; then I dumped the resulting regression database.  The
> database on which I restored wasn't clean, as it contained unrelated
> junk in the public schema.)
I'll recheck a behave of extensions.

On second hand - usually, preferred way is using a dump related to target
PostgreSQL release

> Not sure what's the right answer here to this problem, but it cannot be
> attributed to this patch anyway.
> I'm about to push this, since other than the above problems, this
> functionality seems to be working as designed.
Thank you very much



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