On Wed, Mar  5, 2014 at 11:34:10AM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Tom Lane (t...@sss.pgh.pa.us) wrote:
> > Just out of curiosity, exactly what features are missing from jsonb
> > today that are available with hstore?  How long would it take to
> > copy-and-paste all that code, if someone were to decide to do the
> > work instead of argue about it?
> Somewhere upthread, Peter seemed to estimate it at a day, if I
> understood correctly.  If that's accurate, I'm certainly behind getting
> it done and in and moving on.  I'm sure no one particularly likes a
> bunch of copy/pasteing of code, but if it would get us to the point of
> having a really working jsonb that everyone is happy with, I'm all for
> it.
> It's not clear how much different it would be if we waited til 9.5
> either- do we anticipate a lot of code changes beyond the copy/paste for
> these?

What _would_ be interesting is to move all the hstore code into core,
and have hstore contrib just call the hstore core parts.  That way, you
have one copy of the code, it is shared with JSONB, but hstore remains
as an extension that you can change or remove later.

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