2014-03-12 7:10 GMT+01:00 David Johnston <pol...@yahoo.com>:

> Tom Lane-2 wrote
> > Unfortunately, while testing it I noticed that there's a potentially
> > fatal backwards-compatibility problem, namely that the "COPY n" status
> > gets printed on stdout, which is the same place that COPY OUT data is
> > going.  While this isn't such a big problem for interactive use,
> > usages like this one are pretty popular:
> >
> >        psql -c 'copy mytable to stdout' mydatabase | some-program
> >
> > With the patch, "COPY n" gets included in the data sent to some-program,
> > which never happened before and is surely not what the user wants.
> > The same if the -c string uses \copy.
> >
> > There are several things we could do about this:
> >
> > 1. Treat this as a non-backwards-compatible change, and document that
> > people have to use -q if they don't want the COPY tag in the output.
> > I'm not sure this is acceptable.
> I've mostly used copy to with files and so wouldn't mind if STDOUT had the
> COPY n sent to it as long as the target file is just the copy contents.
> > 2. Kluge ProcessResult so that it continues to not pass back a PGresult
> > for the COPY TO STDOUT case, or does so only in limited circumstances
> > (perhaps only if isatty(stdout), for instance).
> The main problem with this is that people will test by sending output to a
> TTY and see the COPY n.  Although if it can be done consistently then you
> minimize backward incompatibility and encourage people to enforce quiet
> mode
> while the command runs...
> > 3. Modify PrintQueryStatus so that command status goes to stderr not
> > stdout.  While this is probably how it should've been done in the first
> > place, this would be a far more severe compatibility break than #1.
> > (For one thing, there are probably scripts out there that think that any
> > output to stderr is an error message.)  I'm afraid this one is definitely
> > not acceptable, though it would be by far the cleanest solution were it
> > not for compatibility concerns.
> Yes, it's a moot point but I'm not sure it would be best anyway.
> > 4. As #3, but print the command status to stderr only if it's "COPY n",
> > otherwise to stdout.  This is a smaller compatibility break than #3,
> > but still a break since COPY status was formerly issued to stdout
> > in non TO STDOUT/FROM STDIN cases.  (Note that PrintQueryStatus can't
> > tell whether it was COPY TO STDOUT rather than any other kind of COPY;
> > if we want that to factor into the behavior, we need ProcessResult to
> > do it.)
> Since we are considering stderr my (inexperienced admittedly) gut says that
> using stderr for this is generally undesirable and especially given our
> existing precedence.  stdout is the seemingly correct target, typically,
> and
> the existing quiet-mode toggle provides sufficient control for typical
> needs.
> > 5. Give up on the print-the-tag aspect of the change, and just fix the
> > wrong-line-number issue (so we'd still introduce the copyStream variable,
> > but not change how PGresults are passed around).
> >
> > I'm inclined to think #2 is the best answer if we can't stomach #1.
> > But the exact rule for when to print a COPY OUT result probably
> > still requires some debate.  Or maybe someone has another idea?
> >
> > Also, I'm thinking we should back-patch the aspects of the patch
> > needed to fix the wrong-line-number issue.  That appears to have been
> > introduced in 9.2; older versions of PG get the above example right.
> >
> > Comments?
> I'd like COPY TO to anything but STDOUT to emit a "COPY n" on STDOUT -
> unless suppressed by -q(uiet)


This information can be really interesting and sometimes important, when
people has no idea, how they tables are long



> Document that COPY TO STDOUT does not emit "COPY n" because STDOUT is
> already assigned for data and so is not available for notifications.  Since
> COPY is more typically used for ETL than a bare-select, in addition to
> back-compatibility concerns, this default behavior seems reasonable.
> Would it be possible to store the "n" somewhere and provide a command -
> like
> GET DIAGNOSTICS in pl/pgsql - if the user really wants to know how many
> rows
> were sent to STDOUT?  I'm doubt this is even useful in the typical use-case
> for COPY TO STDOUT but figured I'd toss the idea out there.
> Is there anything besides a desire for consistency that anyone has or can
> put forth as a use-case for COPY TO STDOUT emitting "COPY n" on STDOUT as
> well?  If you are going to view the content inline, and also want a quick
> count, ISTM you would be more likely to use SELECT to take advantage of all
> its pretty-print features.
> If we really need to cater to this use then maybe a "--loud-copy-to-stdout"
> switch can be provided to override its default quiet-mode.
> David J.
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