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I am working on adding a functionality to PostgreSQL. I need to parse the XML format query plan (produced by PostgreSQL v9.3) and save it in a simple data structure (say C structure). I was wondering if PostgreSQL already had any parsing functions implemented that I can use to do the XML parsing. This is getting difficult as I was not able to get any DTD or XML Schema for the XML files generated by PostgreSQL.

I found the files xpath.c/xslt_proc.c files that contain parsing related code, but none of the functions are being called for any xml related query I issue to the database and some of the functions in those files mention as deprecated.

   It would be greatly helpful if someone could guide me on this.

The only XML parsing we have is where Postgres is built with libxml, in which case we use its parser. But query plan XML is delivered to a client (or a log file, which means more or less the same thing here). If you want to parse it then it should be parsed in the client - that's why we provide it. Inside postgres I don't see a point in parsing the XML rather than handling the query plan directly.

The worst possible option would be to make a hand-cut XML parser, either in the client or the server - XML parsing has all sorts of wrinkles that can bite you badly.



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