We are computer engineering students from Maharashtra Institute of
Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are pursuing Bachelor of
Engineering degree in Computer Engineering. As a part of the curriculum, we
are supposed to perform a group project in the final year on a topic of our

We have decided to modify the storage of PostgresSQL for columnar storage
along with row based tuple storage. We are trying to modify the planner and
optimiser to generate the plan using data stored in both both row and
columnar storage. We are thinking to extend this project after curriculum
and will integrate btrfs file system with PostgresSQL to store columnar

So far we have added our own system catalog and have created different
folders for row storage and column storage. We are working on the planner
and will later integrate all the modules. Guidance form your team would be
extremely helpful to us. We had mailed you last year as well regarding the
same but at that time we had just started with studying the source code of

Could you please share your thoughts on the idea?

Thanks in advance for your time.

*Aditi Munot (munot.ad...@gmail.com)* <munot.ad...@gmail.com>

*Rajashree Mandaogane (rajashree....@gmail.com)* <rajashree....@gmail.com>

*Swapnil Bhoite (swapnil.bho...@live.com)* <swapnil.bho...@live.com>

*Tanmay Deshpande (tp.deshpand...@gmail.com)* <tp.deshpand...@gmail.com>

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