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> * Stephen Frost (sfr...@snowman.net) wrote:
> > I'm interested in mentoring and, unlike previous years, I've been
> > collecting a personal list of things that I'd like to see worked on for
> > PG which could be GSoC projects and will provide such in the next few
> > days to this list (unless there's a different list that people want such
> > posted to..?).
> Alright, I've updated the wiki page here:
> https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/GSoC_2014
> with my thoughts (finally- sorry about the delay).  Looks like other
> folks have been updating it too, which is great.  Hopefully we can
> encourage some students to go check it out and try to pick up one of
> those projects...

Folks if this don't cause trouble I added one more item:
* Allow an unlogged table to be changed to logged

We already discussed a while about this feature [1].



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