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> Here's an adjusted version.  In this one, the extra info is not used to
> construct a string from pieces, but instead it puts it at the end, like
> this:
> LOG:  process 18899 still waiting for ShareLock on transaction 697 after 
> 1000.203 ms
> CONTEXT:  while operating on tuple (0,2) in relation "public"."foo" of 
> database "postgres": updating tuple
> This way, each part can sensibly be translated.  In fact I did translate
> one instance to test it at work, and it looks good to me:
> LOG:  el proceso 22555 adquirió ShareLock en transacción 705 después de 
> 1514.017 ms
> CONTEXT:  mientras se operaba en la tupla (0,2) en la relación "public"."foo" 
> de la base de datos «postgres»: actualizando tupla
> Now there might be bikeshedding on the exact wording I've chosen for
> each instance of context setup, but I expect it's a fairly minor point
> now.
> One remaining issue is that now ConditionalXactLockTableWait doesn't set
> up error context info.

ConditionalXactLockTableWait() is not going to block on lock which
is when this new context will be printed. So I think there is no need
to change it. Is there a case where it will be needed which I am

>  We could solve this by having a common routine
> that serves both that one and XactLockTableWait (much like
> Do_MultiXactIdWait does), but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.
> Thoughts?

> Therefore I think the only case worth considering here is when
> database/relation/TID are all defined.  The other cases where there is
> partial information are dead code; and the case where there is nothing
> defined (such as the one in SnapBuildFindSnapshot) is already handled by
> simply not setting up a context at all.

Right. So I think we should just keep one version of message.

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