Hi, PostgreSQL community!

My name is Artur Gadelshin, I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm 4th year
student in Computer Scince.

I haven't enough experience in C/C++, but I really in love with PostgreSQL
(but, yes, haven't experience to develop this). My dream is to be computer
scientist or data scientist. So, I should read a lot of books about data
structures, mathematics, algorithms and so on.

Is there any chance to participate in your community and get some help in
envolving, may be simple tasks, advices about books which I should read or
smth else.

If I will be useless in GSoC projects, I glad to participate without GSoC
with your help and advices.

What I already know:

Programming languages: Erlang, Python, basic knowledge of

OS: advanced knowledge of Linux, I'm very interested in learning, how
operating systems works and Linux kernel development.DBMS: SQL (MariaDB,
MySQL), Riak, CouchDB, PostgreSQL

Experience: RESTful web service development: API for cloud storage, VDS
service and internal hosting company backend with Python, Erlang,
cowboy_rest, MySQL/Riak.

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