On 18 March 2014 11:59, Robert Haas <rh...@postgresql.org> wrote:
> Make it easy to detach completely from shared memory.
> The new function dsm_detach_all() can be used either by postmaster
> children that don't wish to take any risk of accidentally corrupting
> shared memory; or by forked children of regular backends with
> the same need.  This patch also updates the postmaster children that
> already do PGSharedMemoryDetach() to do dsm_detach_all() as well.
> Per discussion with Tom Lane.

I think we need to document exactly why dsm_detach_all() isn't simply
part of PGSharedMemoryDetach() ?

Having two calls seems like a recipe for error in core and extensions.

Perhaps we should consider a parameter for PGSharedMemoryDetach() ?

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