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 >>In connection to my previous proposal about "providing catalog view to 
 >>pg_hba.conf file contents" , I have developed the attached patch .
 >> [Current situation]
>>Currently, to view the pg_hba.conf file contents, DB admin has to access the 
>>file from database server to read the settings.  In case of huge and multiple 
>>hba files, finding the appropriate hba rules which are loaded will be 
>>difficult and take some time.

>> [What this Patch does]
>>Functionality of the attached patch is that it will provide a new view 
>>"pg_hba_settings" to admin users. Public access to the view is restricted. 
>>This view will display basic information about HBA setting details of 
>>postgresql cluster.  Information to be >>shown , is taken from parsed hba 
>>lines and not directly read from pg_hba.conf files. Documentation files are 
>>also updated to include details of this new view under "Chapter 47.System 
>>Catalogs". Also , a new note is added in "chapter 19.1 The >>pg_hba.conf File"
 >> [Advantage]
>>Advantage of having this "pg_hba_settings" view is that the admin can check, 
>>what hba rules are loaded in runtime via database connection itself.  And, 
>>thereby it will be easy and useful for admin to check all the users with 
>>their privileges in a single >>view to manage them.
 >This looks like a useful feature, so make sure you register it on 
Sure, I will add it to commitfest.
>I haven't looked at the actual code yet, btu I did notice one thing at a very 
>quick lookover at the docs - it seems to be completely ignoring the key/value 
>parameters given on a row, and >stops reporting after the auth method? That 
>seems bad. And also, >probably host/mask should be using the inet style 
>datatypes and not text?

Added new column "configuration_option" to pg_hba_settings view to display the 
key/value parameter set. Attached the updated patch.

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