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> Gurjeet Singh <gurj...@singh.im> writes:
> > Please find attached the patch to send transaction commit/rollback stats
> to
> > stats collector unconditionally.
> That's intentional to reduce stats traffic.  What kind of performance
> penalty does this patch impose?  If the number of such transactions is
> large enough to create a noticeable jump in the counters, I would think
> that this would be a pretty darn expensive "fix".

I can't speak to the performance impact of this patch, except that it would
depend on the fraction of transactions that behave this way. Perhaps the
people who develop and/or aggressively use monitoring can pitch in.

Presumably, on heavily used systems these transactions would form a small
fraction. On relatively idle systems these transactions may be a larger
fraction but that wouldn't affect the users since the database is not under
stress anyway.

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