> The primary log the new value as an XLOG_PARAMETER_CHANGE WAL record
> at startup when the parameter value in postgresql.conf does not match
> the one in pg_control.  Then, the WAL record is sent to the standby
> and applied, which changes the value in pg_control on the standby.

Last time I tested in following way, max_connections in pg_control of
standby did not reflect the change in primary.

1) stop primary
2) stop standby
3) change max_connections to 4 in primary
4) change max_connections to 4 in standby
5) start primary
6) start standby but it failed as I said before

So the particular WAL record was not sent to standby?
I'm going to test again...

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Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
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