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> Craig Ringer <cr...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
> > Here's how I think it needs to look:
> > [ move all the functionality to the backend ]
> Of course, after you've done all that work, you've got something that is
> of exactly zero use to its supposed principal use-case, pg_dump.  pg_dump
> will still have to support server versions that predate all these fancy
> new dump functions, and that pretty much ensures that most of pg_dump's
> core functionality will still be on the client side.  Or, if you try to
> finesse that problem by making sure the new server APIs correspond to
> easily-identified pieces of pg_dump code, you'll probably end up with APIs
> that nobody else wants to use :-(.
Or you should mandate that new server versions should be able to consume
_old_ pg_dump version output. This would change the recommended "when
upgrading, dump using the new pg_dump" to ""when upgrading, dump using the
old pg_dump".

This would be necessary policy going forward anyway, if most of the pg_dump
functionality was server-side, because it would be generating dumps in the
server-version dump format, not the client-version format.

Marcin Mańk
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