On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 4:54 PM, Behn, Edward (EBEHN) <eb...@arinc.com> wrote:
> I've endeavored to enable the return of arrays of composite types from code 
> written in PL/Python.  It seems that this can be accomplished though a very 
> minor change to the code:
> On line 401 in the file src/pl/plpython/plpy_typeio.c, remove the error 
> report "PL/Python functions cannot return type..." and replace it with the 
> command
> arg->func = PLyObject_ToComposite;
> From all that I can see, this does exactly what I want. A python list of 
> tuples is converted to an array of composite types in SQL.
> I ran the main and python regression suites for both python2 and python3 with 
> assert enabled. The only discrepancies I got were ones that were due to the 
> output expecting an error. When I altered the .out files to the expected 
> behavior, it matched just fine.
> Am I missing anything, (ie memory leak, undesirable behavior elsewhere)?

Don't know, but I'd definitely submit that patch to the next open
fest.  That's a very useful gain for such a small change.


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