>> Just a quick comment on this. Yes, pgAdmin always added a BOM in every
>> SQL files it wrote.
> From 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2223882/whats-different-between-utf-8-and-utf-8-without-bom:
> According to the Unicode standard, the BOM for UTF-8 files is not recommended:
> 2.6 Encoding Schemes
> ... Use of a BOM is neither required nor recommended for UTF-8, but may be 
> encountered in contexts where UTF-8 data is converted from other encoding 
> forms that use a BOM or where the BOM is used as a UTF-8 signature. See the 
> “Byte Order Mark” subsection in Section 16.8, Specials, for more information.

Right. I think unconditionally adding BOM to a file is evil.

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