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> Hi all
> The thought just occurred to me that a PIVOT feature might be a
> respectable GSoC project.
> tablefunc/crosstab works, but it's very clumsy to use, and difficult to
> consume the data from. Going by Stack Overflow activity, pivot/crosstab
> is second only to upsert when it comes to things that users find hard to
> do in Pg.
> I haven't investigated what'd be involved in implementing any integrated
> form of pivoting, and I'm aware that there are some serious challenges
> when it comes to generating a TupleDesc for pivot output. I thought I'd
> raise it in case anyone has looked into this and has any comments on
> whether this'd be a viable GSoC for an interested student.

It's a nice idea, but the deadline to students send a proposal was 21th


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