Re: Tom Lane 2014-03-31 <>
> >> Enable pg_regress --host=/path/to/socket:
> >>
> > Wasn't this patch submitted for inclusion in PostgreSQL at some point?
> >  Did we have some good reason for not accepting it?
> Well, other than very bad coding style (casual disregard of the message
> localizability guidelines, and the dubious practice of two different
> format strings in one printf call) it doesn't seem like a bad idea on

I had posted it here before, but I've got around to formally put it
into a CF, so sorry for not cleaning up. The double-formatstr thing
was done to avoid the need for twice as much almost-identical
formatstrs. There's probably smarter ways to do that.

> its face to allow pg_regress to set a socket path.  But do we want
> pg_regress to *not* specify a listen_addresses string?  I think we
> are currently setting that to empty intentionally on non-Windows.

The patch tries to reuse the existing switches; --host=/tmp is just
the equivalent of the "host=/tmp" connection parameter. Of course it
could as well introduce a new parameter --socket-dir=/tmp.

> If it defaults to not-empty, which is what I think will happen with
> this patch, isn't that opening a different security hole?
> I think we need a somewhat larger understanding of what cases we're trying
> to support, in any case ...

The patch solves a usability problem, security wasn't a concern at the
time of writing. I'll rethink that bit and come up with a better

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