So, you are saying that we should try to catch such errors and report
during pre-compile time. That's better than silently corrupting the data.

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Michael Meskes <>wrote:

> Hi Ashutosh,
> > I tried to fix the offset problem. PFA the patch. It does solve the
> > problem of setting wrong offset in ECPGdo() call.
> Thanks, looks correct to me.
> > But then there is problem of interpreting the result from server as an
> > array within array of structure. The problem is there is in
> > ecpg_get_data(). This function can not understand that the "field" is an
> > array of integers (or for that matter array of anything) and store all
> > the values in contiguous memory at the given address.
> I guess I know where that comes from, without actually looking at the
> code, though. Nested arrays are not supported by ecpg and the
> precompiler spits out an error message, just check preproc/type.c.
> However, in your example you have the struct essantially sandwiched
> between the arrays and the (too) simple check in that file doesn't
> notice, but because the implementation is nevertheless lacking.
> I'm sorry, but this sounds like a missing feature bug.
> Michael
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