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> > It seems that if the trigger is internal (tgisinternal = true) it is not
> > visible to the DROP TRIGGER command. So it cannot be deleted using DROP
> > TRIGGER command, although the dependency type is DEPENDENCY_AUTOMATIC
> Try using a quoted identifier:
> DROP TRIGGER "RI_ConstraintTrigger_c_19322" ON master;
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Good Afternoon.

Sorry for my mistake. I have forgotten about modifications of names to lower 

The owner of a table can drop trigger using the command DROP TRIGGER.

However, where I can find information on philosophy of that approach.

For me internal triggers are marked isinternal not to be accessed using SQL 
commands. Removing internals, f. e. FK triggers, by hand by a programmer and 
even by an administrator seems not to be a recommended practice.

Kind Regards
Andrzej Mazurkiewicz

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