Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
>> Add ALTER TABLESPACE ... MOVE command

> I just noticed that this commit added the new commands under the
> "ALTER THING name RENAME TO" production (which were originally for
> RenameStmt); since commit d86d51a95 had already added some
> AlterTableSpaceOptionsStmt nodes to the possible results, maybe this
> wasn't so bad in itself; but still it seems quite unlike the way we
> organize our parse productions.

Ick.  That's just plain sloppy.  Please create a separate production,
*and* a separate comment header.

Commit d86d51a95 was pretty damn awful in this regard as well, but
let's clean them both up, not make it worse.

Existing precedent would suggest inventing two new productions named the
same as the parse node types they produce, viz AlterTableSpaceMoveStmt
and AlterTableSpaceOptionsStmt.

                        regards, tom lane

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