Josh Berkus <> writes:
> No, if we're fixing this, then we should have a separate
> "creation_target_schema" GUC.   The fact that the only way to designate
> creation target schema was to put it at the start of the search path has
> *always* been a problem, since 7.3.

Well, if we were doing this in a green field we might do that, but we
don't have a green field.  7.3 was released in 2002.  We need to find
some reasonably upward-compatible reinterpretation of what pg_dump
has been doing since then.

I'm not saying that we couldn't *also* invent a creation_target_schema
GUC, as long as its default setting means "consult search_path for the
schema to use".  What I'm saying is that having such a GUC won't solve
the existing problem for existing dump files.  (And in fact, a non-default
setting of it could completely break existing dump files, so we'd have
to tread carefully.)

                        regards, tom lane

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