On 2014-04-03 14:49:54 -0400, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> I've been kind of hoping that someone would step up on both these items, but
> the trail seems to have gone cold.
> I'm going to put out the new buildfarm release with the new module to run
> test_decoding check. But of course It won't have MSVC support.
> These can go on my long TOO list unless someone else gets there first.

So, I was thinking on how we can improve this situation. There's
basically one bigger remaining problem besides make check vs. make
Currently contrib modules can't easily run isolationtester in a general
fashion. That's why test_decoding's Makefile has to rig that all
itself. How about simply improving the contrib support to recognize
tests in ISOLATION_REGRESS in addition to the current REGRESS? Then we
can "simply" train vcregress.pl to pick them up generally, without
special support for test_decoding.


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