On 04/06/2014 12:06 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
I'd been getting weird results for the last couple of days while
pgindent-ing various patches.  I eventually realized that the cause
was that the current typedefs list marks "c", "string", and a few
other common words as typedefs.  This seems pretty uncool.  Further
investigation shows that the reason is that these names are used as
typedefs in a couple of the ecpg regression tests; which the old
find_typedefs code never picked up on, but the OS X implementation

Now, it's actually rather pointless to collect typedef names from
the ecpg tests, since pgindent won't process files with .pgc
extensions anyway (and I doubt it would work well to try).

So we could either revise these test cases to use less-generic
typedef names, or we could just skip ecpg/test/ in find_typedefs.
For the moment I've got dromedary using the attached quick-hack patch
to do the latter.  Any thoughts on the best long-term answer?

As you say we're not going to be indenting the .pgc files anyway, so this seems like quite a reasonable solution.



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