I've been playing with a little hack that records a before and after image of every page modification that is WAL-logged, and writes the images to a file along with the LSN of the corresponding WAL record. I set up a master-standby replication with that hack in place in both servers, and ran the regression suite. Then I compared the after images after every WAL record, as written on master, and as replayed by the standby.

The idea is that the page content in the standby after replaying a WAL record should be identical to the page in the master, when the WAL record was generated. There are some known cases where that doesn't hold, but it's a useful sanity check. To reduce noise, I've been focusing on one access method at a time, filtering out others.

I did that for GIN first, and indeed found a bug in my new incomplete-split code, see commit 594bac42. After fixing that, and zeroing some padding bytes (38a2b95c), I'm now getting a clean run with that.

Next, I took on GiST, and lo-and-behold found a bug there pretty quickly as well. This one has been there ever since we got Hot Standby: the redo of a page update (e.g an insertion) resets the right-link of the page. If there is a concurrent scan, in a hot standby server, that scan might still need the rightlink, and will hence miss some tuples. This can be reproduced like this:

1. in master, create test table.

CREATE TABLE gisttest (id int4);
CREATE INDEX gisttest_idx ON gisttest USING gist (id);
INSERT INTO gisttest SELECT g * 1000 from generate_series(1, 100000) g;

-- Test function. Starts a scan, fetches one row from it, then waits 10 seconds until fetching the rest of the rows.
-- Returns the number of rows scanned. Should be 100000 if you follow
-- these test instructions.
  i int4;
  t text;
  cur CURSOR FOR SELECT 'foo' FROM gisttest WHERE id >= 0;
  set enable_seqscan=off; set enable_bitmapscan=off;

  i = 0;
  OPEN cur;
  FETCH cur INTO t;

  perform pg_sleep(10);

    EXIT WHEN NOT FOUND; -- this is bogus on first iteration
        i = i + 1;
    FETCH cur INTO t;
  CLOSE cur;
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

2. in standby

SELECT gisttestfunc();

3. Quickly, before the scan in standby continues, cause some page splits:

INSERT INTO gisttest SELECT g * 1000+1 from generate_series(1, 100000) g;

4. The scan in standby finishes. It should return 100000, but will return a lower number if you hit the bug.

At a quick glance, I think fixing that is just a matter of not resetting the right-link. I'll take a closer look tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to report what I've been doing. I'll post the scripts I've been using later too - nag me if I don't.

- Heikki

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