On 04/07/2014 11:35 PM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
Okay. Here is a worst-case, with the pgbench script the same as my
original test-case, but with much almost maximally unsympathetic data
to sort:

[local]/postgres=# update customers set firstname =
'padding-padding-padding-padding' || firstname;

Hmm. I would expect the worst case to be where the strxfrm is not helping because all the entries have the same prefix, but the actual key is as short and cheap-to-compare as possible. So the padding should be as short as possible. Also, we have a fast path for pre-sorted input, which reduces the number of comparisons performed; that will make the strxfrm overhead more significant.

I'm getting about 2x slowdown on this test case:

create table sorttest (t text);
insert into sorttest select 'foobarfo' || (g) || repeat('a', 75) from generate_series(10000, 30000) g;

explain analyze select * from sorttest order by t;

Now, you can argue that that's acceptable because it's such a special case, but if we're looking for the worst-case..

(BTW, IMHO it's way too late to do this for 9.4)

- Heikki

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