Magnus Hagander wrote:

> While pg_log is definitely the most common one being the default on many
> platforms, we'll still be missing other ones. Should we really hardcode it,
> or should we somehow derive it from the settings for log_directory instead?
> As a more general discussion, is this something we might want to expose as
> a more general facility rather than hardcode it to the log directory only?
> And is it perhaps something we'd rather have configured at the server than
> specified in pg_basebackup - like a guc saying which directories should
> always be excluded from a basebackup? So you don't have to remember it
> every time?

So it'd be an array, and by default you'd have something like:
        basebackup_skip_path = $log_directory

Maybe use it to skip backup labels by default as well.
        basebackup_skip_path = $log_directory, $backup_label_files

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