Tom Lane <>:
> Committed with some additional documentation work.  Thanks for
> submitting this!

Thank you for committing. I had not thought of using different structure
for the index. It works faster with my test case, too.

I am sending rebased version of the consistent operator names patch
in case you would like to include it to the same release. This is what
I wrote about this change before:

> That is why I prepared it as a separate patch on top of the others. It is
> not only consistency with the range types: <@ and @> symbols used for
> containment everywhere except the inet data types, particularly on
> the geometric types, arrays; cube, hstore, intaray, ltree extensions.
> The patch does not just change the operator names, it leaves the old ones,
> adds new operators with GiST support and changes the documentation, like
> your commit ba920e1c9182eac55d5f1327ab0d29b721154277 back in 2006. I could
> not find why did you leave the inet operators unchanged on that commit,
> in the mailing list archives [1]. GiST support will be a promotion for
> users to switch to the new operators, if we make this change with it.
> This change will also indirectly deprecate the undocumented non-transparent
> btree index support that works sometimes for some of the subnet inclusion
> operators [2].
> [1]
> [2]

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