On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:53 PM, Christian Ullrich
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> * From: Robert Haas
>> Why not just pass a command-line switch?
> Because, as I wrote in the message you are quoting, I did not think that
> having a command-line option for the sole purpose of telling the
> postmaster who its parent is was a suitable solution.
> I had already given up on that idea based on Amit's advice, and I will
> create a patch based on a command-line option.
> While I have you here, though, any suggestions on what the name of that
> option should be? I think --background is about right.

--background as switch name seems to be okay.

> Also, how should
> I treat the option on non-Windows platforms? Should it just not be there
> (= error), or be ignored if present?

I think ignored for non-windows is better way to proceed.

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