OK, I would like to shoot for 7.3 final in the next few weeks.  Can we
get some of these items completed so we can make that happen and move on
to 7.4?  Remeber, PITR and Win32 are waiting!

Let me comment on these:


                               P O S T G R E S Q L

                          7 . 3  O P E N    I T E M S

Current at ftp://momjian.postgresql.org/pub/postgresql/open_items.
        Required Changes
        Schema handling - ready? interfaces? client apps?

What specifically still needs to be done here?

        Drop column handling - ready for all clients, apps?


        Get bison upgrade on postgresql.org for ecpg only (Marc)

OK, bison 1.50 is officially released. I am using it here and it passes
the regression tests.  Marc, would you download that on to
postgresql.org and then Michael can get ecpg fully working, and we can
get this item removed from the list.

        Fix vacuum btree bug (Tom)

OK, Tom, I know you were looking for a better fix than locking down the
index pages to fix this.  Perhaps you should throw out the question one
more time, and if no one has a better idea, let's code the fix and
document the problem in the code so maybe it can get improved at some
later date.

        Fix client apps for autocommit = off

OK, exactly what needs to be done here.  If we add 'SET autocommit =
off' to the top of the apps, is that all we need to do?  For apps that
connect to the database multiple times, do we have to do it multiple

        Fix pg_dump to handle 64-bit off_t offsets for custom format

Where are we on this?
        Optional Changes

None of these have to be done before final.

        Fix BeOS, QNX4 ports

I am removing this one.  No one is volunteering.

        Return last command of INSTEAD rule for tuple count/oid/tag for rules, SPI

If we are going to fix it, this week is the time.  If not, it stays on

        Add schema dump option to pg_dump


        Add/remove GRANT EXECUTE to all /contrib functions?

Who volunteered to clean all this up a while back?

        Missing casts for bit operations

Requires initdb, as does INSTEAD fix.

        \copy doesn't handle column names
        COPY doesn't handle schemas
        COPY quotes all table names

Again, all optional.
        On Going
        Security audit

Haven't heard anything on this for a while.  Removed.
        Documentation Changes
        Move documation to gborg for moved projects

This needs to be done.  What plan to we have for those gborg docs to
deal with SGML?

This is the week folks --- let's get these done or moved to TODO.

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