Steve Singer wrote:
> With master/9.4 from today (52e757420fa98a76015c2c88432db94269f3e8f4)
> I am getting an assertion when doing a truncate via SPI when I have
> wal_level=logical.
> Stack trace is below.
> I am just replicating a table with normal slony (2.2) I don't need
> to establish any replication slots to get this.

For once, this looks more like a problem in logical decoding, which is
trying to assert about the tuple being updated; the assertion failing is
the one added a week ago about not palloc'ing in a critical section.

Andres told me on IM that there's another weird thing going on (which is
how the catalog tuple gets a multixact in the first place) which is that
Slony does a SELECT FOR SHARE in the catalog tuple.

One simple approach would be to just disable that particular assert when
in a critical section.

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