From: "Amit Kapila" <>
Currently -e option is accepted with all the options that can be provided
in pg_ctl.  Shouldn't we accept it only with options related to service,
because that is only when it will be used.  Basically write_stderr() will
write to event log only incase of service.

Thank you for your kind and patient review.  I hope this will bear fruit.

I don't find it so strange that -e is accepted by all operation modes of pg_ctl --- pg_ctl seems to handle switches that way. For example, -c is only relevant to start and restart, but it is accepted by all modes. -D is not relevant to pg_ctl kill, but it is not rejected. Plus, I prepared for the future possibility that other modes of pg_ctl will use event log.

Another minor point is you have forgotten to remove below declaration:
+ static void get_config_value(const char *name, char *buf, int buf_size);

Oh, removed.

Sorry for delayed response and I am not sure that I will be able to
complete the review of patch in next few days as I will be on vacation.

OK, I'm waiting for you.  Please have a nice vacation.


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