MauMau wrote:
> From: "Josh Berkus" <>
> >How can we make beta testing better and more effective?  How can we get
> >more users to actually throw serious workloads at new versions and share
> >the results?
> >
> >I've tried a couple of things over the last two years and they haven't
> >worked all that well.  Since we're about to go into another beta testing
> >period, we need something new.  Ideas?
> I've had a look at the mail for 9.3 beta 1:

This call for testing is interesting: note there was not a single
mention of foreign key locking getting a huge change, and please test it
and see whether it still works at all for you.  I asked Josh
specifically to mention it in a followup to this message which you can
see in that thread.  There was no reply, which I took as "this isn't a
new feature and isn't user visible anyway, so what would be the point?"

But hey, what the hell do I know about advocacy anyway, huh?  So I shut

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