Tom Lane wrote:
> I just noticed that rewriteHandler.c contains a subroutine orderRules()
> that reorders the rules for a relation into the order
>       non-instead rules
>       qualified instead rules
>       unqualified instead rules
> This conflicts with the feature we'd added to 7.3 to fire rules in
> alphabetical order.  (What will presently happen is they'll be fired
> alphabetically in each of these categories.)
> I see that the logic in fireRules() assumes that rules are processed in
> this order, but that would be fairly easy to fix.  Is there any other
> good reason for doing this reordering?  I'd like to remove orderRules()
> and implement straight alphabetical ordering.

Unless Jan has an objection, I think alpha is best, because it matches
trigger rule odering.  That original rule ordering isn't something
anyone is going to figure out on their own.

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