* Tom Lane (t...@sss.pgh.pa.us) wrote:
> I'd been a bit suspicious of the recent patch to add $SUBJECT
> without the other pre-execution components, but it just now
> occurred to me that there's at least one reason why this might
> be a significant omission: any delay caused by waiting to acquire
> locks on the query's tables will be spent in the parser.


> I'm not sure if it'd be appropriate to add all of these measurements
> as separate printout lines; arguably we should just fold them into
> "planning time".
> Thoughts?

Having a distinction between "time spent waiting on locks" (even
just "waited on locks" as a boolean) would be very nice, imv.  Having
the time spent would be best, provided it doesn't add too much.  As for
individual print-out lines, perhaps we should consider putting them on
the same line?  Maybe:

Planning time X.Y (waiting for locks: X.Y, other stuff: X.Y).



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