Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> pg_controldata includes postgres.h not postgres_fe.h, so utils/palloc.h
> >> must be able to compile in a "#define FRONTEND" context.
> > Hmm, I had this patch in an abandoned branch from long ago, which I
> > think helped remove postgres.h from pg_controldata.  I remembered it
> > just now because of this commit message.  Maybe it's useful to re-remove
> > the #ifndef FRONTEND from palloc.h.
> Hm.  It would certainly be better if pg_controldata could use
> postgres_fe.h not postgres.h, but I'm confused about how the new header
> added by this patch helps that?  None of the declarations you removed from
> xlog.h look like they'd be more problematic than the ones you left behind.

The point IIRC was to be able to remove stuff that required type Datum
to be defined:

-extern void ShutdownXLOG(int code, Datum arg);

which led to the idea that the new header would be about process control
for xlog.c.

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