Hello Dilip,

        Query: select count(*) from t1,t2 where t1.b<t2.b and t1.b > 12000;
>         Test Result:
>                 Nest Loop Join with Index Scan   : 1653.506 ms
>                 Sort Merge Join for (seq scan)   : 610.257ms
This looks like a great improvement. Repeating Nicolas's question, do you
have a real-world example of such joins?

In my experience, I see more queries like "self-join table A and table B
where A.time BETWEEN B.time - '1 week' and B.time", similar to
what Nicolas and Tom mentioned. As an example, "count users who placed an
order in the week following their registration".

Can you send a patch so we can also try it?

  -- Hadi

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